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                    The Benefits of Using Solemn Resolutions

The benefits of using a staffing firm are numerous but largely revolve around two main areas: workforce flexibility and access to a bigger (and likely better) pool of candidates.

Workforce Flexibility and Fluidity

Whether your growing or you’ve landed a large project – you realize you need talent to staff it:

Do you… 

Hire numerous permanent employees and supervisors on short notice (and with less due diligence than you would like)?
Move forward with the strategic staffing plan that you had prepared in advance with your staffing firm?

Solemn Resolutions excels at partnering with its clients to ensure that we are not just filling today’s open position but also looking at future growth, staffing turnover and project ebbs and flows.  We want to help you fill your immediate needs and help you create an overall strategic staffing plan resulting in a maximized workforce and minimized workforce costs. 

First-Class Talent

Solemn Resolutions not only offers you work force flexibility—we can provide you with specialized skills for a particular project.  Industry research indicates that three out of four staffing service firm customers rank the quality of the employees they get from staffing firms as good as or better than their own employees.   Solemn Resolutions has a history of using the highest quality employees and ensuring that our clients’ needs are met or exceeded with our candidates.

About Mike Peters
Mike has over 30 years of recruiting starting in 1985. His recruiting expertise has been focused on technical companies. His strength started 15 years before he transitioned into recruitment as he worked in IT for 15 years.. After this Mike then transitioned into IT recruiting. He is definitely connected within the Twin Cities, most importantly within the IT community.
However, he has also placed senior professionals in other industries. He has great depth in Information Technology and Engineering positions.  Mike has built strong relationships with companies; so much so that they consider him as part of their company due to the strong partnerships that have evolved as he worked with them over the years.
Mike has a BA in Mathematics, an MS in Chemistry, and an MBA in Finance.  This deep educational background allows him to understand the specifics and nuances of positions.  Which in turn helps him to recruit the talent that his company clients are looking for.
Mike enjoys biking, gardening, power walking, biking, and spending time with his family.


About Annie McCarthy

Annie has over 20 years of recruiting experience. This experience consists of IT, HR, healthcare, sales, business development, finance, and manufacturing. Half of her time has been in a full life cycle corporate recruiter with clients like 3M, General Mills, Sleep Number, and Integra, and she has spent over eight years as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, with a local, national and global clients.  She is known for having a very strong understanding of business and operations strategies.  Annie has her Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology with a focus in career counseling which gives her the unique ability to find the right blend of talent and cultural fit for those opportunities she works with.  Annie has strong relationship skills and enjoys the people side of our business, connecting with each individual and learning what is important and the “whys” that drive and motivate each of us.  When not in the office you may find Annie on a soccer field with one of her boys or on the lake!